You are convinced that replacing your office chair with a balance ball or a ball chair will solve all your problems and are already comparing the prices? Well, hang on there before you proceed with the purchase – let’s analyze the idea in detail. 

It’s true that balance balls, also known as therapy balls are activating your muscles. You back and your legs are being engaged to maintain balance and keep you from rolling over and becoming an office clown….that is if you get a proper balance ball and not one of those balance ball chairs where the whole Idea of balancing is completely negated by harnessing the ball into a static plastic cage with a back rest…where you don’t need to balance anymore. The rubber therapy ball will not prevent you from slouching anyhow. Once you loosen your attention and get distracted by some small-print on your screen, you are guaranteed to end up slouching and hunching your back! 

The best ergonomic position for your body is the next one, so moving around and staying dynamic is good for you. Yet you cannot develop deep focus and full concentration when balancing on a ball simply because you keep your muscles activated which is essentially pulling energy and attention away from your brain and towards your muscles. The ball manufacturers will of course claim it otherwise and promise you higher energy levels and increased productivity through those micro-movements, but one thing that is guaranteed to come with the ball is your constant distraction. If the purpose of the exercise is to develop your inner muscle than a balance ball will do - yet even then I would recommend a proper workout. If, however, you want to get your work done you should go for a proper ergonomic workplace. Multi-tasking just does not work here. It does not really work anywhere - and there is plenty of evidence supporting that. 

The best way to achieve outstanding results is single-tasking by developing deep focus and high level of concentration. With the LEVUS Workstation you forget about having to keep your posture altogether while fully concentrating on ticking your tasks off from your to-do-list. Gravity forces will make sure your posture remains correct by naturally pulling you into the reclined surface. The workstation takes care of you posture and adequate lumbar support while you are taking care of your work – that’s single tasking that really works.

After you're done with your work you can or I would even say you should go to a gym where you can jump around on those balance balls as long as you want. A fitness studio is a natural habitat for those rubber creatures, some of which got lost in the modern office spaces - so please be so kind, and bring your balance ball back to where it belongs and get yourself a proper ergonomic workstation.

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