If you are struggling with back problems be it through some injury or chronic pains due to some other reason, you doctor has probably told you not to spend too much time sitting. You were probably advised to buy yourself an (expensive) ergonomic chair with lumbar support. You might even already have one of those chairs but still starting to experience discomfort after prolonged sessions of sitting which you can’t really avoid because of the nature of your work.

The problem with most ergonomic chairs is that you still have to sit in them, whereas you would be better off by eliminating the sitting-part altogether. The only way to get rid of the sitting position is getting your body reclined so that your legs and your upper back all get to carry your weight. I'm not a doctor but any person with a common sense can clearly see how vertical compression forces on your spine are being spread by aligning your body horizontally into a reclined position. Surely you can achieve that with your sofa and a couple of cushions, but you cannot work from your sofa - at least not as effectively as you could with a workstation that would ergonomically hold your work equipment around you. If your body is reclined, so should your equipment be positioned differently – a regular office desk will not do here.

At LEVUS you comfort comes first - the equipment is secondary and is placed around you like in an airplane cockpit: your monitors and laptop are positioned within a reach of your hand using our custom vesa screen-mounts and notebook-holders. You are resting on a hard-foam mat with wood-slate suspension. The suspension level and tension of the lumbar segment can be adjusted to your needs and preferences. I'd stress it once again that I'm not a doctor, and LEVUS workstation is not a medically certified equipment - yet the recliner effect it provides might be just what you are looking for. It is worth discussing it with your physician to get a qualified opinion. It might also be worth discussing it with your insurance company which may accept the expense as part of a solution to your problem.

Whatever you decide to do next – just don’t sit too much.  Want more ergonomic lifehacks?