Dear Chair,
you have been a pain in the butt since your invention long time ago by someone totally crazy and completely illiterate about human anatomy, let alone ergonomic design. You have been torturing humanity ever since and in the meantime managed to sneak into every aspect of our lives: Transportation: we are sitting in cars, trains, busses and airplanes when trying to get somewhere (and back) Food: when taking our meals we are sitting in the work canteens, restaurants, drive-troughs & co. Work: in the new digital age the majority of the workforce is sitting in their offices, making breaks for sitting for lunch and topping it up by sitting while commuting to or from work. Leisure: when not working, we go and sit in our kitchens, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and what not.

It turned out that an average person would now be spending a significant portion of his life in a sitting position. Seemed like you'd be winning the battle and an average human would be doomed to suffering and back-pain.....if it wasn't for LEVUS - a 100% chair-free zero gravity workstation. It won't get me from A to B and maybe it's not the best set-up to have my soup - but it is surely one of the most comfortable workplaces to guarantee me full concentration during my workday. Non of your countless levers and fiddly knobs under the seat can provide the level of comfort that LEVUS does.

It's time to say good bye, my good old chair. We might still see each other occasionally on a public transport or at some old-school office space....but my workday is now with the LEVUS Workstation.

P.S. I'm selling you on ebay. Sorry....nothing personal
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