Have you noticed the recent obsession of furniture manufacturers with control buttons, LED-lights, electrical motors and movable parts? The quality of ergonomic furniture is suddenly being measured by the number of adjustment knobs and not by the level of comfort it provides. Some models have such an insanely high degree of “over-engineering” that with the weight of their final product you would need a forklift to move it from one corner of your room to another.

Complex products have a tendency to break down or needing maintenance which could be really annoying. Needless to say all those electrical parts come at a price, which you as an end-customer will have to pay. Ironically, in most cases you use those knobs once in the very beginning to set yourself a comfortable position and hardly need them ever again. We've tried it all: electrically adjustable seat work-modes, variable table height and angle at a press of a button. None of that could increase the level of comfort and would just reduce overall stability of the structure, as all movable parts do. What really matters at the end of a day is ONE c-o-m-f-o-r-t-a-b-l-e position that you set yourself, and once you're in it - you're staying there. So we kept on experimenting until we found that position.

We stripped LEVUS of all parts that were anything weaker than solid metal and could potentially malfunction or wear out. With our workstation you will not find any plastic parts that would crack open or break off because you tried to push it too hard. Adopting the "form follows function" design motto we have consciously omitted all gimmicks and features that had no direct practical use. As a result you're left with pure function. Some might complain about a missing custom-made rubber grip or a nice-to-have easy-snap-whatever. Tough luck - with the LEVUS workstation you get a hex wrench (allen key) and a spanner....and you go and adjust that thing that you want to adjust. Those of you who've read and appreciated the "Art of motorcycle maintenance" see where I'm getting with that. The upside is that we've saved a whole lot of production costs and complexity by skipping the unnecessary cosmetics.

LEVUS Workstation is like a good old muscle car from the 70s - concentrating on the function of maximizing (your) performance without any fancy beeping sounds when the door is open, indicating that....the door is open. When you're done with the assembly and the fine-tuning of the table and the monitor positions - get ready for the ultimate working comfort without any shaking, rotating or wobbling parts. Go get focused and get your stuff done - you are now in the most comfortable workplace ever created.