Why is it that reading a book in a sunbed is way more pleasant than going through a corporate report on a laptop at your office desk? It’s not because of the sea breeze or the cocktail on the side table - it's because of how gravity affects us in different body positions. With a reclined position on a sunbed your body weight is distributed along the length of your body, while with sitting in an office chair it's your butt that takes most of the weight. As a result, vertical pressure on your lower spine is greater. When you stand the spinal disks are naturally forming an S-shape that absorbs the pressure. The 90-degree HIP-SPINE angle during sitting prevents your lower spine from assuming its natural position. Long-term lumbar problems may come from the spine disks not being able to absorb vertical pressure properly. To sum it up: human body is not made for long-term upright sitting - something we are heavily engaged in through our entire lives, starting from our early school days. No wonder that back problems are getting more and more common in the so-called civilized world.
How do you beat GRAVITY - something that's been around for at least 15 billion years at your workplace?

Option A: you move your workplace to the ISS. There’s no gravity at the International Space Station so you forget about your lumbar problems altogether

Option B: you learn how to work with gravity

The core idea behind the LEVUS workstation is to create a work environment by reducing vertical pressure on the lower back and distributing your body weight horizontally. With variable lumbar support slates you can set the level and intensity according to your individual physiology. With LEVUS the gravity is pulling you into a correct posture and is essentially working for you – not against you, like with sitting in regular chair, standing desk or a fitness ball.

We are bringing the comfort of a sunbed into the office. The problem with sunbeds is that they were not made for work and are missing essential workplace attributes like external monitors or laptop mounts - something we took care of when creating the LEVUS workstation. So unless your workplace can be moved into open space, orbiting the Earth at 27.600 km/h, I suggest you get yourself a LEVUS zero gravity workstation.

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