Are you wishing your company had purchased better laptops or bigger monitors? Sad but true - most companies purchase just the bare minimum when it gets to hardware to optimize costs. At the end of a day the real cost of a cheap workplace set-up is higher...way higher that one can imagine.

Throughout my consulting career I have seen employees at my clients having to work on mediocre corporate laptops, being at best provided with an average 20" external monitor. Every now and then I would see someone trying to rearrange their workplace ergonomically - most of the times with their private high-end BYOD - bring-your-own-devices . If we are to spend a whole day behind a computer, then it'd better be a good set-up - a simple notion, that is yet very slow to spread among those responsible for corporate hardware purchases. The situation with ergonomic keyboards, mice and comfortable chairs & tables is even worse - those items seem to never make it to the corporate agenda. Why wonder that employees are fleeing the office as soon as they can - a couch or a lounge chair at home are just more comfortable to be in.

Make a workplace comfortable...I mean truly comfortable - and you will see an instant boost of motivation and productivity - there's no magic about it. Develop your ergonomic awareness and invest in good hardware - you're spending a third of your life with it ! Here are some examples of good hardware :)