Are you working in the industry of e-learning, online teaching, online learning, remote teaching or whatever they call it now? If you are delivering content to your customers online from home then you need the following three tools: a really good chair, a good desk and a comfortable monitor set-up. Spending a whole day at home consulting your clients is a challenge to your body, specifically your lower back and your neck which are subject to long-term stress associated with a sitting position. You are probably aware of the dangers of having a sedentary lifestyle so it is worth investing time into research and some money into good equipment – it’s totally worth in the end. At the end of a day it’s your productivity and physical health which are stake here.

Most people who give tuition online would go for an average office chair, one external monitor on the side of a laptop and some table to put it on. Such set-up is low on budget, but is sadly also low on productivity and comfort.  With LEVUS we created an all-in-one workstation to replace your desk and chair. All the extra equipment you might need can be positioned on the external frame without cluttering your desk space. The core idea of LEVUS however is to eliminate the sitting entirely. Instead – you would be working in a reclined half sitting-half lying position where vertical pressure from your body weight is comfortable distributed along the entire body length. Here are some examples of how LEVUS can be used for your remote teaching set-up:

Language classes: - you might need a headset and an external web-cam attached to the LEVUS frame so that your client sees you. That set-up will probably be sufficient for most of the e-learning activities not requiring extensive external equipment. Just don’t forget about taking physical breaks at the end of each academic hour, Intermissions are just as important with remote teaching, as they are in a real class-room environment.

Professional audio - video recording: if you are keeping a vlog and need a professional microphone set-up, you can attach those microphone arm holders to the LEVUS frame. Don't be afraid to drill some holes in the LEVUS pipes if you need it for your equipment - it will not affect the stability of the structure. We created the workstation this way so that you can go ahead and adjust it to your needs. If you don't like the way it worked out you can always order new parts and start from the beginning.

Screen-casting: sharing your digital skills by broadcasting the content of you screen and recording the voice-over? With LEVUS you can do that all day long in without the discomfort of sitting. You probably know your keyboard shortcuts by heart and hardly need to look down so your head is comfortably resting on the neck-roll observing the monitor(s) while your body is comfortably reclined. Your mouse and keyboard arms are interacting with the computer requiring minimal physical effort. The mouse-table height and angle are adjusted to your individual body parameters. With LEVUS you can screen-cast indefinitely – just don’t forget about taking regular breaks to keep blood circulating.

How much space does it take? Take your regular desk and your chair away – and you will see that LEVUS is not take more space that your regular furniture. The length might be a challenge for some – but you simply need the length to stretch out your body and achieve the ergonomic comfort that regular chairs are simply not capable of delivering. It is not a matter of space – it is a matter of priority. If you are taking your profession seriously – then you should consider a serious and comfortable workplace set-up. Clean up and throw stuff away – make space for the set-up that brings you forward – you will see it will pay off a thousandfold.

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