The Spanish have discovered it long time ago – the irresistible attraction and magic healing powers of an afternoon sleep. Employers are trying to fight the afternoon productivity dip by providing free coffee in the offices. Our brains are capable of staying truly productive for a very limited period of time - a period way shorter than an 8-hour working day – a fact that most employers would just refuse to accept.

One great way to have the brain reset and restored to its operational capacity is to take a short sleep. A short powernap during a day, especially after lunchtime is a true productivity booster – sadly not accessible to all. Most office environments just do not physically have any space for sleep, let alone appropriate furniture for it. Providing beds directly in the offices would require doubling the office space and operational costs, since business owners would essentially be operating a hotel in addition to the office. Going home for sleep is not an option either – that would just take too much of your time and cause unnecessary congestion on roads and public transport.

It would seem logical to create workspace environments where one could take a powernap directly at a workplace – environments like the LEVUS Station. Set to its lowest recline position the user gets a nearly horizontal state which is ideal for a short sleep session. The neck-roll can be used as a sleeping pillow – in fact it is much better than a pillow from an ergonomical perspective. To make the sleep experience perfect you could cover the LEVUS frame with a black-out stealth cover (we’re still working on it – stay tuned with us to get latest updates on the plug-ins and components) and sleep in complete darkness which is great for your Melatonin. Top it up with noise-cancelling headphones and flight-mode on your phone and here is your recipe for a perfect recharge without leaving your workplace. Just don't forget to set an alarm  otherwise you'll wake up at midnight in an empty office - it's really that comfortable!
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